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Health Systems Integration and Governance

At the completion of this block, the resident will have developed an understanding of:

  •         Who are the people who work in the administration of a health system?
  •         How health systems are integrated across the many “levels” of administration
  •         Why integration is useful and when it is not
  •         The role of physician leadership in health system integration
  •         Governance in systems vs. the analogous oversight elements in small practices
  •         The role of the office manager in various types/sizes/styles of offices

Residents should ideally:

  •         Attend BMG Ambulatory Dyad meetings
  •         Attend Physician Governance Council meetings
  •         Meet with various office managers
  •         Meet with Beacon Health System leadership (and sub-entities) at all levels including the C-suite.
  •         As appropriate, meet with those outside of Beacon doing similar things in their organization
  •         Meet or talk with individuals in organizations that they foresee themselves working with in their early career
  •         Discuss this topic with regional or national leaders in this field as they may be available through faculty or resident connections
  •         Do any assigned directed reading