Osteopathic News – Initial Recognition!

The Memorial Family Medicine Residency Program was recently granted “initial recognition” for osteopathic recognition! Osteopathic Recognition is a designation conferred by the ACGME’s Osteopathic Principles

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Physician Practice Management

At the completion of this block, the resident will have developed an understanding of:

  •         The many details of administering a medical office (across multiple types of medical practices) NOTE: There is a very small element of this in the PGY-1 “Practice Management and Public Health” rotation required of all residents AND some overlap with topics in the “Health Systems Integration and Governance” HSM block. The “Physician Practice Management” HSM block is meant to be a deeper dive into the specifics of practice management.
  •         Who’s who in the office and why they’re important to your personal, professional and financial success
  •         The role of Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants
  •         Team-based care principles
  •         The physician recruitment process
  •         Staff development principles and practices
  •         How to attend to the Social Determinants of Health
  •         How your EMR can help you advance  individual patient health and population health
  •         QI/PI in medical practice
  •         “Moonlighting” in practice – ER, nursing home, medical directorships, etc.
  •         Strategies to improve office efficiency
  •         How physicians lead the “culture” of a practice

Residents should ideally:

  •         Meet with multiple Office Managers across Beacon Medical Group practices (and outside of BMG in other models of care delivery)
  •         Meet with leaders within BMG who provide remote oversight of medical practices within a “system of care”
  •         Meet with physician leaders in practices (practice Medical Directors)
  •         Meet with “unique” practices doing “unique things” in patient care in our community to talk about the “why” and “how”
  •         As appropriate, meet with those outside of Beacon doing similar things in their organization
  •         Meet or talk with individuals in organizations that they foresee themselves working with in their early career
  •         Discuss this topic with regional or national leaders in this field as they may be available through faculty or resident connections

·         Do any assigned directed reading